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Sneh Sankar Gurukul

Rooted in ancient Vedic wisdom, the Sneh Sanskar Gurukul is focused on the holistic development of a child providing a mix of Vedic tradition with the modern education system to foster creativity, inner awakening and academic excellence. The blossoming of the children is across the mental, physical, relational, creative, intellectual and spiritual dimensions – a journey from a ‘being’ to a ‘transformed being’.


The endeavour is to create global citizens of tomorrow who are compassionate, courageous and visionary. We are working towards the complete journey of a student academically thereby ensuring no interruptions for students as they progress to next class in a well constructed school building

Medical Welfare


Due to non-accessibility to public healthcare and low quality of wellness services, a majority of people in the rural area suffer from different diseases which go unnoticed till they become critical. The situation gets aggravated due to the remoteness and scantily available facilities. After witnessing this situation of people, we have started an initiative, organizing free medical camps to provide basic healthcare and relief to the people in and around the centre. Currently, the Peace Service Centre shelters the following medical welfare initiatives in association with P. D. Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai.


Regular MSW Visits, Fruit Distribution, Health & Hygiene Workshops, Health Check-ups, Free Medicine Distribution and Targeted Health Check-ups like: Eye Check-ups, Breast cancer awareness, Orthopaedic check-ups & Dental check-ups.

Women Empowerment 


With limited means of interaction, rural women are often denied opportunities to learn new skills or showcase their hidden talents. Project Tejaswini, a women empowerment initiative, aims to bridge this gap, by providing skill-based training by experts and creating assignment-based employment opportunities as well as providing an opportunity to showcase their products. 


This project aims at providing various assignment-based employment opportunities to rural women through skill development and training. There are many small and medium scale industries such as garments, dry foods, cloth jewellery, envelope making, handicrafts, candle making etc which requires project-based skilled labour. The process of raw material procurement, product planning and marketing stays with company, while outsourcing the labor through training to complete Work in Progress (WIP) products.

 Animal Welfare


Gaushala at the centre is an abode for old, sick, abandoned cows and their progenies. It is an honest attempt to care for kind, innocent, gentle and loving cows who have been victimized and become a gainful conduit for many unlawful purposes. They are given a simple natural shelter, fodder and water with a vet visiting regularly to ensure their health, safety and hygiene. They are regularly taken outside the shelter where they have access to the nearby river, mountains and nature.


With loving caretakers, every Gau Mata is given a unique name depicting their nature. No revenue is generated from any cow products, including the milk which is distributed at no cost to the neighboring Sneh Sanskar Gurukul, our school for the underprivileged students.

Poverty Relief

Despite the booming economy, poverty is still a major challenge. Lack of resources results in no food causing various nutritional deficiencies and malnutrition amongst the people, of which children and women get affected the most. To address the same the centre helps with Annadan – a Food Distribution Drive providing dry ration with grains, pulses, oil, spices, sat etc. to the needy. At regular intervals, clothes are also distributed within the villages.

In the hilly regions, the winter gets excruciating, and hence blanket distribution drives are conducted for villages in and around the centre. The smiles shared are a testament of a better future for them, and is what drives us to go the extra mile.

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